The Norwalk Boat Club, circa 1930.

Many significant dates stand forth when the history of The Norwalk Boat Club is discussed or written. The first and foremost being in September of 1912 at McCarthy’s Restaurant on Commerce Street. This was where the club was first organized before it was incorporated on October 31, 1912.

The Norwalk Boat Club relocated to its present location at 11 Wall Street when the Lockwood Family donated a deed to the land and building on May 29, 1925. But in October, 1955, flood waters rose above the Norwalk River and ripped down the clubhouse.

A month later, a group of members convened at a temporary meeting location and pledged resources and efforts to continue the club. In September, 1969, The Norwalk Boat Club was rebuilt and has since remained at this location.

Board Members

Stephen “Steve” Holian, Commodore

Jerry Ribeiro, Vice Commodore

Bill Vasale, Rear Commodore

Lee McIntyre, Treasurer

Lewis “Lew” Pennell, Financial Secretary

Patty Frank, Recording Secretary

Albert “Al” Williams, Trustee

George Poloko, Trustee

Matt Lake, Trustee

Sue Vasale, Trustee